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Nov 10,  · Breast Ptosis Diagram: Measuring Your Degree of Sagging A normal breast has the nipple and parenchyma (glandular tissue and fat which compose the breast) Grade 1 ptosis is mild sagging in which the nipple lies at the level of Grade 2 ptosis is .

Ptosis of the Breast. If the central point of your nipple and your areola (colored area around your nipple) is more than 3 cm below your breast crease, you may have Grade 3 ptosis. This is considered severe ptosis. Pseudo-ptosis occurs when the nipple is still above the inframammary crease, but the breast appears to droop because of a large.

Mar 08,  · If HS is established, the one most important point to document is the presence or absence of pain (headache, brow ache, forehead tingling, neck pain). The full history should elicit: pain; history of smoking; lung or breast cancer; recent neck or thyroid surgery; recent trauma; and. duration of Jurij R. Bilyk, MD, Philadelphia.

Ptosis is a condition which is characterized by the stretching of breast skin, the sagging of breast tissue, the loss of fullness and the downward projection of the breast mound and nipple. These degenerative cosmetic changes in the breast are very difficult for many women to bear.