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Mar 08,  · It has always been a race between sumptuous boobs and ones that make very small bumps on blouses. While big boobs are considered by most to be an inherently feminine feature, there is quite a number of celebs who are scantily endowed but nevertheless don’t think of undergoing surgery to make their breasts more betterbasket.info: Geniusbeauty.

Given all of the plastic surgery in Hollywood, and the pressure to be super sexy, I've always admired how some celebrities simply refuse to surgically inflate their bust -- and yet these women are.

May 18,  · 15 Hottest Celebs With Small Itty Bitties. by Willie T. Plaza – on May 18, Knightley was the second-highest paid actress in Hollywood. Among all the highest-paid actresses, she was the only non-American on the Forbes list that year. We love Keira because she knows exactly how to be confident in her body and just how to flaunt it with betterbasket.info: Willie T. Plaza.

May 14,  · 15 Celebrities Who Prove You Don't Need Big Boobs. Itty Bitty Titty Committee FTW. Posted on May 14, , GMT Kimberley Dadds. BuzzFeed Staff, UK. Share This Article.