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Burning Sensation In Breast|Causes|Ways to Get Rid of it stinging sensation in breast

Jan 09,  · A burning sensation in your breast can occur due to neuropathy. This condition is caused by the damaged peripheral nervous system in the body. The damaged nerves can lead to the abnormal perception of pain from sensory nerves hence you can feel sharp or stinging pain in the breast.5/5(1).

Feb 23,  · A stinging sensation in one or both breasts is most often a hormonal issue. If you're pre-menopausal, hormone levels can fluctuate quite a bit; and this can lead to breast pain, tenderness Author: Healthcentral.

Burning sensation in breast is not an uncommon condition for women. Almost all women have to suffer from it at some point in their lives. There are innumerable causes for this condition. Some of them are diseases and disorders, while some are normal occurrences that naturally take place in your body. In order to identify the exact cause, you Author: Kalpana Kumari.

There are a lot of causes for burning sensation in breast, which may range from benign to even life threatening. It is thus essential that any unexplained breast pain must be diagnosed by an expert medical professional and treated accordingly. Know the causes and ways to get rid of burning sensation in breast.