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After your breast reduction surgery, a special surgical bra should be used continuously, except when showering, for six weeks. Other bras can be substituted, but must open in the front so that your arms do not have to contort, and it must not have underwires.

A breast reduction post surgery bra offers you more support and the necessary control after surgery. These bras are wireless and have comfortable seams. Our post breast reduction bras are made with our exclusive DuraFit® and PowerSlim® materials created from the latest compression technology.

Aug 17,  · Post-surgical shapewear is often recommended for those who have had breast surgeries, tummy tucks and butt lifts. They’re often stretchier and more form-fitting than traditional surgical bras. How long should I wear a surgical bra after breast augmentation? This depends on .

The RxBra is one of the most important post surgical recovery items you will need after your breast augmentation, (breast lift / breast reduction) mastectomy or breast cancer surgery. The RxBra is specially designed for a comfortable fit while offering a much sexier .