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Turkey breast can be seasoned all sorts of ways and served with various stuffings. I cook the stuffing separately, which lets me monitor the breast's doneness more precisely. When a meat thermometer in the center of the breast reaches degrees, it is done. Let it 4/5(12).

Stuffing and Cooking a Turkey Breast. You can enjoy a stuffed and roasted turkey breast for a feast or any time of year. When you don't want the whole bird, this is a great option. You can find fresh or frozen bone-in turkey breasts at the market. As opposed to a boneless turkey breast, you will be able to stuff this as you would a whole Linda Larsen.

Nov 05,  · Serve the turkey homestyle on a large plate with the stuffing and gravy alongside it. You can save the turkey breast bone to make stock or perhaps even Turkey Congee, so don’t worry about carving it perfectly! This Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Breast recipe covers the 5/5.