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Suzie and Tom experience The da Vinci Room. Leila tells Suzie her plans for Len. Suzie and Tom reverse roles. A day of fun and a special dinner out. Suzie & I learn about Femdom. A kinky circus is a trap for unsuspecting men. and other exciting erotic at!

F/M. Spanked by Mother of Female Roommate. March 3, Michael Purvis Tell Your Spanking Story; Share Your Discipline Article; Recent Comments. Sasha on A Spanking Overheard – True Story. Sasha on My Day of Reckoning – True Story. Michael Davis on A Camping Spanking.

Dec 02,  · Teaching Tim-F/m spanking fiction Teaching Tim Thanks so much for the comments on the story. It is actually fiction based loosely on fact. Many of my stories have elements of fact from my own experience. Please feel free and comfortable to let me know what you think. I would also love to have you sign my guest book which is a little Author: Purple Angel.

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