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Ortho Mattress® has a large selection of Latex Mattresses in stores and online to help you find the perfect mattress. Free local set up and delivery. Cut out the middleman and buy factory direct.

ENCORE® Latex Ortho Latex surgical glove with an extra-thick glove formulation to withstand the rigors of surgery, especially where power tools and bone fragments are present Key Features and Benefits 50% thicker on average than Ansell's standard surgical gloves.

Dental Corporation of America (DCA) Latex Orthodontic Elastics - Our Latex Orthodontic Elastics products are made from high-quality, long-lasting material that offers superior memory and durability. Choose from our large selection of orthodontic Elastomerics supplies. Available in different sizes and colors. Increase patient cooperation.

Ortho - Latex-Free Elastics (Patient Packs) Latex-free elastics are made from medical grade resin and out perform all other elastics. They are completely clear and do no absorb water. Excellent for patients with latex sensitivity and for those who prefer a more aesthetic appearance. Neolastics are muti-colored and contain latex.