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"Blue whales have the largest penises on Earth. An erect blue whale penis is 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter and ten feet in length. It is fibroelastic like those of the blue whale's artiodactyl relatives. The retracted penis curves in an S-shaped loop and stays inside the body. When erect, it .

Sep 05,  · There are lots of studies about how big a male blue whale’s penis is. They’re huge and really obvious, and frankly, even scientists get distracted by a penis that’s 16 feet (5 meters) long. But, there really hasn’t been that much research into blue whale Author: Katherine Morgan.

Nov 18,  · FUN BLUE WHALE FACTS: Blue Whales are longer than a basketball court. The average blue whale's length is equivalent to two school buses and 25 fully-grown African bull elephants. Their mouths are big enough to hold people. Blue whales have no teeth, but eat 4 tons of seafood a day, equivalent to 64, Kristine Servando,

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