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Brief Fact Summary. Bernice Anderson made allegations of sexual harassment by Kenneth Bush, her immediate supervisor, while in the course of her employment for Save-A-Lot Foods. Anderson alleged suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression as a result of Bush's sexual harassment and incurred medical expenses and lost wages due t.

May 23,  · The Women’s Law Project co-authored and filed an amicus brief in a landmark bullying case in support of a former Philadelphia School District student who sued the district for enabling her gender-based harassment and abuse.. Wible v. School District of Philadelphia is significant case because the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court may clarify the extent to which educational .

Workplaces aren’t always safe or comfortable environments for women, and women’s concerns aren’t always taken seriously. Sexual harassment may have a name, but we don’t always recognize it. 9 Responses to “A Brief History of Sexual Harassment in the United States” Tammy Clark June 12th, I was sexually harassed at work.

Citation. F.R.D. 31, 10 ILRD (D.D.C. ) Brief Fact Summary. Plaintiff seeks backup computer files during a suit alleging retaliation from his filing a harassment suit against his boss. Synopsis of Rule of Law. All parties have a duty to produce all discoverable evidence in a case.