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Nov 24,  · a taste for metal?? Discussion in 'Cat Behavior' started by zinc, Nov 20, Nov 20, #1. Fairbury, Nebraska, USA. Why would be my cat licking all (or most things) metal? Also likes to lick windows..I'm concerned she might ingest a pollutant or any chemical laying on Mineral deficiency_something lacking on her diet (she eats.

Oriental cat breeds, such as the Siamese cat, are commonly affected by pica and it is believed to be a genetic disposition. If your cat licks, sucks, or consumes objects around the home that are not food, she could be suffering from a condition called pica. Pica in cats is the act of eating objects that are not food.

Jan 19,  · My daughter has a cat that constantly licks metal, we have had numerouse test done on him but nothing shows anything. We've had bllod work, he does not have aids, leukemia, diabetes, right now we are at a stand still. lease advise.__thanks,__Joyce.

Your cat may just also enjoy the taste of the metal. However, if the cat licks copper, brass or unknown metallic alloy, I suggest you remove the item from the cat. Copper is poisonous. That is why.