Common Causes of Facial Trauma - facial injuries that occur at pools


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Facial injuries can occur may having a hard force or blow hit at any part of the face, and then this part being inured.

Nov 16,  · Neck Injuries. The most common cause of neck pain in swimming is extending the neck too far when surfacing for air. Hence, learning the correct method to come up just far enough for air is crucial to prevent neck injuries. Before plunging into the pool Author: Karthik S.

Soft tissue trauma includes any cuts to the face or gums. Avulsed, or knocked out teeth are another type of injury, and must be dealt with immediately to increase the chances for reimplantation. Bone injuries, such as fractured jaws, cheekbones, and noses can also occur as well as damage to the nerves in the eyes, face and salivary glands.

Head injuries may occur at the same time as a facial injury, so be sure to check for symptoms of a head injury. For more information, see the topic Head Injuries, Age 3 and Younger or Head Injuries, Age 4 and Older. Types of injuries. Facial injuries may be caused by a direct blow, penetrating injury.