PLIES - SACKWAY LYRICS - plies song fuck a friend


plies song fuck a friend

Plies - Sackway Lyrics. Yeah be ground like a vegan sack way Gucci gang gucci gang be a sack way Bitch don't leave a friend in front of sack way Blue cheese and ide.

Plies - Dick Sucka Lyrics. Do you know a mutha fucka who faking? Acting like they really want it with you But you know they dont really want it with you They just runn I dont play with fuck niggas Keep one up in my chamber You know what im bout So guess what i dont blam yah Fuck with me and ill paint ya Have your best friend with them.

Dec 15,  · Rock Lyrics: She is my rock, bust at the op / Hold down the spot, beast with the box / Shawty be wet, dope in the pot / Beat down the block, the best thing I got / She is my rock, 'ock, 'ock, '.

Rap's Love Guru: Why Plies Is Smarter Than You Think. ain't that some shit Y'all niggas go to acting like the hos to me Fuck niggas Here, Plies is quick to implore his friend to extricate Author: Billy Haisley.