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cab calloway gay

Cabell "Cab" Calloway III (December 25, – November 18, ) was an American jazz singer, dancer, and bandleader. He was associated with the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York City, where he was a regular performer.. Calloway was a master of energetic scat singing and led one of the United States' most popular big bands from the start of the s to the late s.

Cabell Calloway III was born on December 25, , in Rochester, New York, the second of Cabell and Eulalia Reed Calloway's six children. When he was six his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where his father practiced law and sold real estate. Young Cab enjoyed singing in church, but he was.

Few cinematic cameos have been more galvanizing than Cab Calloway’s in The Blues betterbasket.info the film, he plays a janitor who suddenly dons white tie and tails, gets up on stage in front of an admiring group of long-haired rock and soul musicians, and proceeds to steal the show not only from its stars, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, but also from James Brown, Ray Charles, and Aretha.

Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, Bessie Smith, and Ethel Waters played in Harlem nightclubs. Langston Hughes, Zora Hurston, and Countee Cullen published in the local newspapers. Art galleries displayed the work of Aaron Douglas and Richmond Barthé. Gay men could always be found at the literary gatherings of.