David Cross says his Charlyne Yi comments were from “asshole redneck racist character” - david cross gay accent


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It’s better to address being called a racist sooner than later, but David Cross’ apology posts in response to Charlyne Yi’s tweets about that time he affected an Asian accent and challenged Author: Danette Chavez.

Oct 19,  · Charlyne Yi Accuses Comedian David Cross of Racist Behavior. Then after he saw I was offended he asked me if I was going to fight with him karate in a southern accent Author: Variety, Charles Lam.

Dec 09,  · Why is there a "gay" accent? Why is there a "gay" accent? All that aside comedians like David cross and zack galifinakis doing effiminite southern drawls has definitely made me think of effeminate southern drawls more haha. So Reddit, tell me: What about his voice let me know he was black? It's driving me crazy! permalink;.

Sep 11,  · For example, Cross has a routine in which he describes the phenomena that is the "gay accent" that is often accompanied by a lisp and an effeminate tone in the homosexual community. He describes this as an accent that is found only with gay men, then goes on to describe situations in which people claim that "homosexuality is a choice".