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Sep 27,  · Masturbation Interviews is a blog dedicated to authentic accounts of amateur orgasms and masturbation using stories, video and photos.

A Woman with a Male Masturbation Fetish: featuring Masturbation Stories by a Masturbatrix My Name is Ally - And I have a Male Masturbation Fetish. Saturday, August 29, masturbation blogs (10) masturbation stories (9) masturbation blog (8) masturbation .

Jan 05,  · BuddyBate is dedicated to male masturbation, with straight, gay and bi men enjoying blog posts, masturbation porn, advice, experiences and more. We cover everything onanistic, from solo stroking porn to guys meeting up for mutual masturbation experiences. Our reader experiences and fiction post are amazing.

Masturbation news, stories, and articles. Culture, art, humor, sexual and societal issues. All elements which help make up the whole man.