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Gay male erotic stories: adult-friends, college, encounters, authoritarian, incest, celebrity, athletic, interracial, watersports, military.

Announcements. Newest Stories - the Nifty Archive always welcomes new authors and new or revised stories. Sep Rex has made a donation in honor of Rob Williams. Aug Stanley has made a donation in honor of Waddie Greywolf. Jul Gerry Taylor has published The Dahran Offer, The Dahran Retrainer and The Dahran Secret. Jul Chicago has made a donation in honor of Andrej .

Nifty Archives® is a great resource for those seeking Gay Erotic Fiction. The quality of the stories varies widely, however, and The Best of Nifty list was set up as a readers' guide pointing to some of the best stories posted at Nifty.

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive, also known as and Nifty, is an extensive semi-curated website of erotic literature established in Background. The site collects LGBT stories was used as a source for one million words of gay male erotic narratives, Website: