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Jan 15,  · Finally, The Truth About Tom Cruise! 53, by a former male escort and porn star named Nathan “Big Red” Hamilton. The man, also known as Theodore Ragsdale Jr., “In the early days, there were rumors that Tom used to take all-guy trips out in a boat in Marina del Rey. Tom didn’t know where the story came from, but it wasn’t true Author: National ENQUIRER Staff.

Mar 29,  · People also know that the gay rumors push Cruise's buttons, and many people hate Tom Cruise, so they perpetuate the rumor partially to mock him and piss him off. I'm not saying he's not gay, just that there's really no way to know whether he is or isn't.

Although rumors have it that Tom Cruise has been hiding the dark secret about him being gay, there are no substantial evidence to back them up. Media usually thrive on rumors and therefore it is not common to hear such reports about celebrities. It is the only way to get audience to read their magazines and therefore earn them some Heightline.

Oct 29,  · Gay Rumors That Were True The Kelly McGillis thread has me thinking. I came out in the 80's and it seems that almost every gay rumor around in the 80's and 90's have been substantiated.