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His music production has resulted in newfound success for some of the artists featured on his film soundtracks, such as The Shins, who were prominently featured on the Garden State soundtrack and the Scrubs soundtrack, resulting in the expression "the Zach Braff effect." Other roles.

Jul 20,  · Zach Braff says he's NOT gay and insists he's the victim of a HACKER -- who broke in to his website this morning and posted a fake "coming .

Zach Braff Nude 51 pics. Zach Braff is quite seductive and very lovely as a comedian. His comedy is unique and that’s why he’s so popular within gay community. They not only love his comedy, but they love him as well! Because he’s the example of an ordinary guy who actually looks sexy!

Zach Braff won the hearts of many fans nationally and internationally when he starred as the loveable doctor - J.D. - on Scrubs. He has gone on to star in several more films and television shows. Find out more about his wife, dating life, girlfriend, net worth, height and if he is gay?Author: Eddym.