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Apr 08,  · Ammonia smelling discharge occurs mainly due to bacterial imbalance in the vaginal region, leading to bacterial vaginosis. Other factors like concentrated urine, nitrogen-rich diet, excessive sweating, etc. are also seen to spearhead a foul ammonia Priya Johnson.

Nov 27,  · Every vagina has its own odor. Most women describe it as a musky or slightly sour smell, which are both normal. While most vaginal odors are caused by Author: Donna Christiano.

Bacterial Vaginosis and a Vagina That Smells Like Ammonia One of the most common reasons for a foul vaginal odor is bacterial vaginosis. This condition happens when certain bacterial become overgrown in the vagina. It can cause your discharge to look watery and gray or Courtney Pocock.

Aug 17,  · Ammonia Smelling Discharge. Vaginal discharges do not often have a very strong odor. Certain changes can occur and lead to issues like ammonia smelling discharges. A number of factors including menopause and the way the undergarments are washed can cause this condition. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause of the condition.