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Feb 09,  · jueves, 28 de febrero de Tiara: Megapost de esta diosa Argentina. Ver el resto de las imágenes (82 en total).

The word HAM is often used by many as a shortcut for amateur radio “HAM RADIO”.As a radio operators we call ourselves “HAM” or “HAMS”. The actual meaning of HAM is taken from the three pioneers that helped to make it possible for us all to become “HAMS”. The letter H stands for Hertz (Heinrich Hertz) who helped to develop the theory of electromagnetic waves.

Feb 19,  · Hola VANESA muy linda tu pagina, somos una Pareja decidida y que quiere vivir sus fantasias con intensidad, buscamos al igual que nosotros matrimonios estables o mujeres BI (no hombres solos), ambos somos profesionistas, educados y respetuosos, viajamos con frecuencia por la troncal LA PAZ - COCHABAMBA - SANTA CRUZ (te pedimos insertes nuestro aporte con el anuncio Author: Pareja.

Wednesday, February 6, XXX Amateur Hour The site launched! Yes, Barrett's new website is up. The best picture is first. He plays a kind of Masterpiece Theatre host, here he is smoking his pipe. I don't plan on posting pictures from the member's site and losing my membership, but I WANT TO SEE THEM. Stupid card card payment won't clear Author: Dunnadam.