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"Say it. Say you are a naughty girl. Say what naughty girls deserve." Anne thrashed from side to side on his desk as he pressed her down. The constant rhythm of his thrusting was building up her orgasm but she wasn't quite there yet. Frustrated she did as he said, "I'm a naughty girl! I deserve to get spanked and fucked!" "Yes, you do," he agreed.

Mother continued to explain to him that she had read an article in Readers Digest titled “How to Spank a Naughty Girl Properly.” It said it was important to begin by taking the naughty girl’s temperature before administering a good paddling. After all, it wouldn’t be as effective to administer the .

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Jul 18,  · How about a story where an actual little, not teen, girl gets in trouble and then spanked? Without the bear butt thanks, that's a little cruel on a little girl. And at the end its a .