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Trojan Bare Skin Non-Latex Supra Condom - Review. Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Trojan Bare Skin Non-Latex Supra Condom to the test! Here is where the Trojan Bare Skin Non-Latex Supra Condom ranks! When it comes to non-latex condoms, options are pretty limited, so once you find that perfect condom, you stick with it.

Condom Review: Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra. Polyurethane was one of the first non-latex condom materials on the market-- and it was the first to prevent against STDs as well as unexpected pregnancy. But do the Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supras hold up to their latex cousins? We'll just have to see. This isn’t the regular Trojan Bare betterbasket.infoer what when you go to make your purchase.

Thin & Strong, Transmits Body Heat. TROJAN Supra (now renamed Supra Bare-Skin Non-Latex) are ultra advanced, ultra thin polyurethane condoms, perfect if you or your partner has a latex sensitivity or allergy and want both heightened feeling and sensitivity/5.

I know condoms are supposed to fit very snug but this was just ridiculous. I’ve read other reviews and many complained about the Trojan Supra condoms being too tight. We didn’t finish the box because our lambskin condoms came in. My lambskin review should be coming soon.