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May 19,  · The colour and texture of your vaginal discharge changes over the course of your menstrual cycle and can tell you when you are most fertile. As clear or white discharge before your period (approximately 14 days before) can be an indication that you are about to ovulate.

The white discharge you may see before your period is known as leukorrhea. It’s filled with fluid and cells that are being shed from your vagina, and it may even look slightly yellow at betterbasket.info: Ashley Marcin.

occur before the missed period or within days following the missed period Changes in vaginal discharge. Before the expected date of periods, that is before Day 28,nausea is not expected to be a symptom of pregnancy. The Downside to these early signs.

Aug 28,  · If pregnant, you may also notice some implantation bleeding or implantation discharge some days before your period is due. One of the first signs of pregnancy before a missed period is excessive milky white discharge. Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is nothing to worry about unless it is itchy, smelly or causes burning sensation while betterbasket.infos: 1.