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Faradic treatments typically follow a regular facial for a completely clean and oil-free starting point. After a skin sensitivity test is conducted to ensure your facial muscles won't be injured by the treatment, the esthetician will begin application of the faradic currents at the neck and work her way up.

Nov 13,  · Faradic Facial Treatment NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy Clare Hargreaves-Norris 2. Clare Hargreaves-Norris Introduction The faradic treatment or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses the application of electrical pulses, which are applied to the face to stimulate the muscles to contract, resulting in a tightening and toning effect.

Oct 30,  · Called NMES or a Faradic treatment this type of electrical facial stimulates the muscles. An alternating current is sent through the skin which actually causes the muscles to contract. This treatment can also be done on the body to target other muscles in need of stimulation. Sinusoidal current is very similar to faradic but is much betterbasket.info: Skincarewatchdog.

Dec 20,  · But both faradic and Galvanic current are two different types and they are used in two very different situations. In this article, we will try to understand what is the difference between faradic and Galvanic current and what are there uses and indications.