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A lump on penis is a rare condition that affects 2 out of 50 men in any given population.  They are a small fleshy growth or bumps that can appear on the shaft; head of the penis or under the foreskin. Lumps can be an indication of an underlying medical condition or unknown condition.

Mar 13,  · Swollen lymph nodes in groin can cause a pea sized lump in female or male groin area. A lump in the groin area can also be soft, movable or hard depending on what caused it. Having a painful lump in groin can be very uncomfortable in both female and male.

Also, lumps that develop in your groin can be large or small-pea size, and may grow or remain in the same size. Groin lump in women may be hard or movable depending on the underlying cause. The lump could appear as one or in a group. Lumps that appear in women’s groin area under skin may be sore, red, swollen and painful causing even movement difficulties especially when it is in the bikini line.

May 02,  · In fact, testicular cancer usually produces a pea sized lump in the scrotum, hard and possibly painful, not definitively. Similarly, females worry they will miss a mass in their soft breast tissue but breast cancer is often a hard lump too, the size of a bean.