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In a recent report the success rate was 92% for immediate surgical repair and 59% for conservative management. 15 The complication rate for conservative management was reported to be about 30%, this included fibrous tissue formation with deviation of the penis during erection, prolonged hospital stay and impotence 15, 16, 17 compared with less Cited by: 9.

Penile fracture is a traumatic rupture of tunica albuginea and the tumescent corpora cavernosa due to the nonphysiological bending of the penile shaft. As a result of the trauma of an erect penis, the most common mechanism of penile fracture is during sexual intercourse. Sudden direct trauma or abnormal bending in erect state causes tearing of the tunica albuginea. Urethral injury is.

Aug 30,  · A doctor can confirm that you’ve fractured your penis based on an exam and discussion of the circumstances of the injury. You may need to have a Author: Daniel Pendick.

b. Invasive Surgical Management. No matter how small or big the trauma has inflicted the penis, surgical restoration of the penis is done to correct the damage done to the tunica albuginea, avoid the complications, erectile dysfunction, and urethral damage. Records show that 92% of the surgeries done had great results.