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Catheters are intended for medical purposes to deliver or drain fluids or allow for delicate surgeries in hard to reach places, but they're also useful for a particularly kinky form of medical fetish play that sees the tube inserted into the urethra of a man or a woman to stimulate an oft-ignored part of the body.

CATHETER Play Catheters are flexible tubes used in medical treatment and surgery for feeding into various body structures to allow access from the outside. The main use of a catheter in BDSM, is the catheters designed for the bladder 'control' scenes: the best type to use for this purpose is the foley catheter, which has a balloon that can be inflated with sterile water to hold it in place once inserted. is the best site on the internet for offbeat videos like CATHETER sex. You won't want to miss a moment of the action.

This type of urethral play is veterinary/medically oriented play and differs from the electrified urethral rods/inserts used in some types of ponyplay training. Note: be careful if you choose to engage in catheterization play. I would strongly discourage using a catheter to prevent emptying of a .