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Is your hairline 'maturing' or a 'balding'? — Donovan Hair Clinic example of a mature hairline

Oct 05,  · As I state in my post entitled 7 Surprising facts about the mature hairline, the hairline maturation process is not considered a form of male pattern baldness by the overwhelming majority of hair loss organizations, surgeons, and specialists. is the most likely time frame for this evolution to occur, and the new hairline can take up to a decade to fully lock into place.

Sep 24,  · Is your hairline 'maturing' or a 'balding'? It’s a little known fact among many men that the frontal hairline actually changes shape between the ages of 17 and 27 – even if that man doesn’t proceed to develop genetic balding. We refer to this normal change as ‘maturation’ of the hairline and we say.

Jan 09,  · Unfortunately David Bowie is the only example I can think of. At 28, he still had a straight hairline. His mature hairline isn't apparent until his 30s or 40s. In short, did any 50+ year old male with a mature hairline find themselves with that hairline at an early age ()? If this is true, it would really help forecast the hairloss to come.

Sep 16,  · CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper, visualized above, is an example of somebody that I ‘d identify as having a Norwood Class 2 pattern (AKA a mature hairline). Nevertheless, some individuals would categorize him as a course 3 balding instance, which is the first primary balding class on the Norwood scale, due to his high hairline edges.