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Ronald Reagan’s War on 'Playboy' | Flashback | OZY ronald reagans views on pornography

President Ronald Reagan announced his intention to set up a commission to study pornography. The result was the appointment by Attorney General Edwin Meese in the spring of of a panel of 11 members, the majority of whom had established records as anti-pornography crusaders.. In , the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, often called the Meese Commission, reached the .

Ronald Reagan’s War on 'Playboy' U.S. President Ronald Reagan often referred to pornography as a “form of pollution” and pledged to his conservative supporters that he would work to.

President Reagan Pushes Anti-pornography package. By Editorial Staff Published January 2, WASHINGTON, D.C. (FR) – President Ronald Reagan recently introduced a package of anti-pornography legislation to Congress called the “Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of ”The bill’s two-fold purpose is to update the federal law to take into account new technologies .

Ronald Reagan set out to overturn the ruling Meese Commission came to the opposite conclusion; divided pornography into 4 categories: violent, degrading, nonviolent/nondegrading, and nudity Goal was to find "more effective ways in which the spread of pornography could be contained Made follow recommendations.