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Shorter wigs are easier to manage and maintain. Shoulder length hair is universally flattering for all ages and face types. For more hairstyle tips, check out my article on The 6 Best Hairstyles for Crossdressers and Transgender Women. Size. Wigs come in 3 basic sizes: petite, average, and large.

See our full range of wigs that provide lifelike feminine hairstyles. Shop online today, find your perfect wig and complete your male to female transformation.

We offer synthetic and human hair wigs for the crossdresser and transgender community. You’re sure to find a look you love. Shop our wigs today! Breast forms at The BreastForm Store - Crossdresser Breast forms for the crossdressing and transgender community. Biggest breast forms, nipples at .

Wigs: for transgender women. Complete your head to toe female transformation with one of our transgender wigs. We select each hair piece to feminize male features, and to fit correctly. Crossdresser wigs need to have a larger cap size to fit, as standard wig caps only fit a ” inch head, whereas many of our transgender women wigs fit up to.