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The geisha are the entertainment people of Japan that date back to the s during the Edo Period. The Japanese view geisha as professional entertainers. However, the majority of the world thinks of a geisha as a white-faced lady with her hair in a bun and a kimono on. The geisha are much more than women with too much make-up on.

Geisha literally means "arts person," although many stereotypes exist in the West about what geisha do and do not do. Geisha are traditional female entertainers who provide singing, dancing, conversation, games, and companionship to customers in certain restaurants. Along with sumo wrestlers, Mt. Fuji, and the bullet train, the geisha is an iconic image of Japan.

The women behind the kimono is what makes a geisha kimono special. The dance training and other movement training geisha undergo allows her to wear the kimono elegantly, gracefully, and professionally. The geisha’s kimono is no different from a business suit. It Author: Chris Kincaid.

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