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Phone Patch Guidelines Radio amateurs in the US enjoy a great privilege: The ability to interconnect their stations and repeaters with the public telephone system. The wisdom of the federal government in permitting, and even in defending, this freedom has been demonstrated time and again.

The MFJE is designed to remain permanently installed between a transceiver, a telephone line with a modular connector, and a telephone receivers handset. The telephone and the radio will operate as if the phone patch were not in the circuit when the Patch IN/BYPASS switch is in the BYPASS (out) position.

An autopatch, sometimes called a phone patch, is a feature of an amateur radio (or other type of two-way radio) repeater or base station to access an outgoing telephone connection. Users with a transceiver capable of producing touch tones (DTMF signals) can make a telephone call, typically limited by settings in the autopatch module to be only to flat-rate numbers, such as local calls or toll .

By H. Ward Silver One important feature of ham radio repeaters is called autopatch, which allows a repeater user to make a telephone call through the repeater. When you access a repeater’s autopatch function, a dial tone appears on the air. Then dial the number, using the numeric keypad on your radio .