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sexual assault + flowchart

Sexual Assault Response Report Flow Chart Victim receives Workers, Psychiatrists timely updates on case status from commander after monthly Case Management Group meetings. Available Resources to All Anonymous, Confidential, 24/7 DoD SafeHelpline Advocacy SARC SAPR VA non Medical Care and treatment.

NATIONAL SEXUAL ASSAULT HOTLINE AND WEBSITE HEALTH SERVICES EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE OFFICE VICTIM ADVOCATE OFFICE OF In the case of sexual misconduct/sexual violence, please use the following resources and services. For more information, visit sexualassault_flowchart.

Sexual misconduct, including sexual violence, is a national problem, and college and university campuses certainly have not been immune. National surveys report that one in five undergraduate women and one in sixteen undergraduate men experience attempted or completed sexual assault while in college.

The University of Richmond values a learning community in which all members feel secure physically and intellectually. The prevention of sexual misconduct, particularly sexual violence, is an institutional priority. The University is unwavering in its commitment to support survivors of sexual assault, to respond promptly to reports of any type.