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Google image search "Pygmalion," and you're going to see a lot of images of a naked female statue standing on a pedestal. That's because the statue of Galatea is the main symbolic image of this myth. Pygmalion believes this statue is the most beautiful woman in the world, and the more he stares at her, the deeper in love he falls.

Pygmalion Photos. With Flourish! Yeah, we'd be pointing fingers, too. [Pygmalion and Galatea by Laurent Pécheux, ]Chiseling Away Who knew he was working with an audience? [Pygmalion by Emmanuel-Jean Nepomucène de Ghendt, after Charles Eisen, ca. ]Crazy Eyes Also, orange isn't doing anything for you, P. [L'Origine de la sculpture ou Pygmalion priant Vénus d'animer sa statue by .

Ancient Greek Goddesses for Kids - Picture of Aphrodite and Pygmalion Ancient Greek Goddesses and Nymphs - Picture of Aphrodite and Pygmalion. Picture of Aphrodite and Pygmalion Enjoy our picture gallery containing this image and picture of Aphrodite and Pygmalion. Depictions of Greek Goddesses, such as the picture of Aphrodite and Pygmalion.

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