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NSFW Big Brother moments. All the nudity and sex from the big brother shower, bedrooms, oops moments, and more. NSFW Big Brother Nudes the comfort level for the other ladies seems to be getting to the point that getting caught naked on camera may not be as big of a deal.

NSFW - Is Natalie Negrotti the hottest ever on Big Brother? - I know there is a TV board, but this is more about a hot chick than a TV show. If you are not wat.

Sep 09,  · Natalie's boobs were a big topic of conversation this season, as many in the house believed they were fake but Natalie kept on assuring everyone that they were real; sadly, the Big Brother shower doors protect the short ladies so it was a big let down Author: Mr. Reality.

Apr 25,  · TL/DR: James wants to clear up his name and the rumors regarding him trolling Natalie with fake twitter accounts. He says is too busy with his life to worry about doing petty stuff like that. He says he and Natalie have pretty much had a rocky relationship since they left the BB House, and they kind of put on an act for everyone.