The Truth: What A Normal Vagina Looks Like - what a normal vagina looks like


This Is What The Perfect Vagina Really Looks Like what a normal vagina looks like

Jan 25,  · Sure, you can assume everything is working like it's supposed to, but what does it mean to have a healthy vagina—or, for that matter, an unhealthy vagina? First, the Author: Korin Miller.

I want to reduce your anxiety and help you have more realistic expectations about what's normal by giving you an accurate view of the vagina in general. Believe me, the perfect vagina is actually a medical norm and not an aesthetic ideal. Here is an overview of what normal anatomy looks like for the female external genitalia.

If you do regular breast self-exams, consider doing a vaginal self-exam, too. It can help alert you to health problems in between gynecologist appointments.

Aug 04,  · Exposing the Vagina in the Media. What does a normal vagina look like? You might have no idea! A lot of women haven’t take the time to get to know their own vaginas let alone the vaginas of other women, so it stands to reason that you may not know what a “normal vagina” looks like.