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How to Field Strip an AR This set of instructions are for those that want/need to field strip their AR either for cleaning purposes or to inspect the rifle. There is also a video attached to the last step, in case you want to use that instead or use it as a supplement.

May 03,  · Go to the main arcom page. 2. Click the link for "Manuals and Downloads" Good YouTube vide here, disassembly of the bolt is at about s. You Tube AR Field Strip. I haven't looked at them (yet) past the bolt disassembly sections but just what could you write about an AR16/M16 that would take + pages?

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The AR15's overall design and operation is the same as its military-issued brethren, being a gas-operated, air-cooled, shoulder-fired weapon, with adjustable front and rear sights. The AR15 upper receiver consists of the bolt carrier group, barrel and charging handle.