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Poseidon's Underworld: Bulges You Can't Beat (though you might want to!) did vince edwards pose nude

Apr 04,  · Given his past in nude physique modeling, one wonders if Vince Edwards had a connection to the gay subculture of s Hollywood. He was married four times, so unlikely to be gay in real life, and he had an ongoing feud with fellow tv doctor Richard Chamberlain (who was gay but closeted at the time). The nude photos are on Tales of West Boomer.

Mar 14,  · Vince Edwards (Dr. Ben Casey), nude shots and uncut cock. Remember Ben Casey on TV? He's dead now and he gambled himself to death, got in trouble with the mafia loan sharks and all kinds of mayhem.

Apr 04,  · He's around 20 here, so it's about , when Vince was studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts A classical Greek pose like you would see in physique magazines, but there was no full nudity in print at the time. This must have been a private photo shoot. Older here, and bulked up, probably early s, after he moved to Los Boomer.

Burt Reynolds changed the world by posing nude for this Cosmopolitan centerfold, Vince Edwards. TV's Ben Casey Vince Edwards — on call. related slideshows.