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Garry's Mod (GMod) Alyx addons | garys mod alyx vance nude mod

This is one of the first real Nude patches for Alyx, who is completely naked. During installation, you must simply specify your Steam folder. Alyx Nude Mod Documentation.

Free Alyx downloads for Garry's Mod - download Alyx for GMod for free.

Sep 22,  · Just drop them into the addons folder (for steam gmod) and they should work, you mught also need extended spawn menu for two of them to shouw up .

Once the Installation is finished, just load up Half Life 2 or Garry’s Mod and you’ll see the original Alyx replaced by the Nude version. If you wish to go back to the original at any time,simply uninstall the mod using add/remove programs. As long as you keep the setup file you’re always a minute away from getting Alyx out of her clothes.