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The dimensions can be specified in any format that LaTeX accepts. So, for example, a dimension such as "4cm" will also work. This "PSbox" can be centered, included in a figure, or anything else you want! If you were unfortunate enough as to be unable to get the graphic in the lower-left-hand corner, all is not lost.

The 5th line tells LaTeX that when it sees \includegraphics{my_ps_file}, it should look for a file The 6th line tells LaTeX how to handle In order of the arguments, when (1) it sees file, it should eventually expect to have file to insert, (3) it should read bounding box information from file.

Jul 25,  · Including graphics in LaTeX/PDF documents So assume that you have a figure in an EPS file and want to include it in a LaTeX file to be processed by both latex and pdflatex. Do the following: Make a PDF version of the figure: epstopdf

Aug 27,  · \end{figure} I have also used \usepackage{graphicx} in the header. I am getting a blank space for the figure in my output page. but it doesn't show the figure. I have tried to do this with Latex => PDF Latex=> PS Latex=>DVI format. But got no result in any format. Hope to get some useful tips. Thanks a lot. BR, Pavel.