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I’d ask what you mean by “okay”. In most states it isn’t legal, for starters. If the therapist has allowed it, I’d question his/her professionalism. The one time a client requested no draping, I already had suspicions that he wasn’t looking for tr.

Feb 24,  · I once had a massage therapist called Joan who said that if I found it more relaxing to be completely undressed while she was massaging me that was fine by her. She was in the room while I started undressing talking with me about my injury and sor.

The therapist is very good and relaxes me so much. I am nude during the massage with a sheet over me. Her fingers usually slide down my butt crack, it seems a little lower than is necessary, and I always get a hard-on when on my back and with a full body massage she does the thighs as well. Her hands always graze my penis and testicles repeatedly.

Oct 10,  · Draping has nothing to do with the comfort of the massage therapist. We see naked people all day. Of course, we're all comfortable with nudity. i think the rest of your points are good, but i would caution against assuming all MTs are comfortable with nudity. i would definitely be uncomfortable working on someone fully nude, so draping is also.