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Aug 12,  · The first time I realized Robin Williams was a genius, I was like five or six and my parents rented Hook for me to watch. I already loved Peter Pan so Hook was a no brainer and I was taken by his presence. "Assholes do vex me!!" Edited August 12, by Sharpie66 6 Share this post. Link to post. vb68 k vb68 k k k posts.

Television Appearances and Other Works Projects Quick Pick a Comedy or TV Special or a Play COMEDYGRAPHY - Weapons of Self Destruction - Live on Broadway - Live at the Met - An Evening with Robin Williams - Throbbing Python of Love - Reality.

Robin McLaurin Williams (July 21, – August 11, ) was an American actor and comedian. Born in Chicago, Williams began performing stand-up comedy in San Francisco and Los Angeles during the mids, After rising to fame playing the alien Mork in the sitcom Mork & Mindy, Williams established a career in both stand-up comedy and.