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1 Phase Margin Rule of Thumb. The phase margin is one of the robustness measures of a closed loop system under control. A low phase margin will lead to undesirable oscillations in the step response. The phase margin can be determined from a: Bode Plot of the open loop transfer function magnitude crosses 0 .

Jun 25,  · Control Systems: Rule Out A Rule-Of-Thumb Control system project suffers from an inadequate cost estimate. Jun 25, This Month’s Puzzler. We migrated our distributed control system (DCS) last year as part of a major expansion. Our old system, purchased for $, in , handled about analog points and about discrete points.

Techniques & considerations for properly sizing control valves. A: Recently, I have seen that some valve manufacturers have an online control valve sizing major control valve manufacturer programmed the front-end of its full-featured valve sizing and selection software in Java so that they could easily port it to an online application, though they haven’t taken this last step so far.

When control valve professionals talk about "control valve sizing," they really mean the entire process of selecting the valve that will do the best job of controlling the process. Selecting the right size valve is an important part of the process, but there are other equally important considerations as well.