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Jun 12,  · Panama Geisha is the most expensive coffee. Is it worth $80/lb? Coffee is only going to get more expensive over time. So try it now before it's too late!Author:

Tonight (April 9, ), I had the chance to attend a very special coffee event. Leslie Wolford, a Starbucks coffee master at the Starbucks headquarters, lead the seminar for the new Panama Geisha Auromar Reserve coffee. The supplies of this coffee are so limited, it will be an online offering.

Nov 30,  · Starbucks Now Sells ‘Geisha’ Coffee for $7 a Cup. Just two weeks after Starbucks announced its $ million, all-cash acquisition of tea retailer Teavana, the company has launched an additional menu item that reinforces its commitment to its coffee roots.

Some time between May 12th and May 19th this year, this Bolivia coffee appeared at the Roastery. I went out of town between and , and when I left this coffee hadn't appeared, and when I returned home to Seattle, this was new! This is a Geisha coffee, which means it's offered at a preAuthor: Melody Overton.