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My girlfriend has a ford escort wagon, L SEFI, while driving in city traffic yesterday she noticed the temp guage, while sitting at red lights, would start to show a rise in temperature, almost into the red zone, but while driving would come back down toward normal. after a while the car stalled and would not restart. i checked the coolent level and it appeared to be ok.

Oct 25,  · Howdy folks, new to the forum. My girlfriend's Ford Escort SE wagon has developed a really low idle. It was under extended warranty, so she took it to Ford. Ford said they "plugged it in", and they found nothing wrong (even though you coould feel that the car was near stalling).

The first North American Ford Escort went on sale for the model year; it was related to its Mark III Escort European counterpart but was more of a cousin than a sibling. It wasn’t a great car, but was such an improvement over its miserable Pinto predecessor that it flew off the showroom floors in great quantities. These cars were cheap and disposable, so nearly all of them disappeared Author: Murilee Martin.

Mar 14,  · The Escort wagon was a particularly useful size vehicle and were great in the snow. We had some from 19and They were all gas models and got in the 30’s on average. I had a Escort GT for from it always did 30+ MPG and once achieved 50 MPG on a Drive from Baltimore to Ocean City, MD. It was a 5 Speed.