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There’s news, and then there’s Naked News jumping out of planes. Which do you prefer?DISCLAIMER: This video contains nudity [NSFW]. If you are offended by nudity, shame on you — avert your eyes and consult the nearest adult about how babies are made.

Feb 13,  · Roberta Mancino's naked skydiving and the top 10 weirdest stunts in the nude. From bungee jumping to flashmobs, weddings to weather forecasting, it's amazing what people get Author: Gemma Aldridge.

Feb 27,  · I was instructed that I couldnt post these in my little personal gallery, but that I could post them in the disscussion forum. Well here they are. If anyone would like to add to the collection, Im sure there would be plenty of appreciative skydivers. I also have a few more if there is any interes.

Feb 10,  · My th skydive in Maito (Maitland)! And the rules said that you had to be naked on your th. And I´m not going to break any rules! unfortunately I had the worst cameraman ever, sorry S! .