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Painting with Latex House Paint – Simplex Aeroplanes aircraft painting with latex

Painting Your EXPERIMENTAL Aircraft With Latex House Paint. If you are covering an EXPERIMENTAL aircraft, there are other options for paint rather than FAA STC PMA approved paint. We have had good luck with EXTERIOR Latex house paint with our planes using Glidden Evermore, Behr and Martin Senour exterior Latex house paints.

I never had occasion to repair any latex-painted fabric, so I can’t comment on that. But this is mentioned in “Maximum Paint Job, Minimum Cost,” a 12/01 Kitplanes article by Kay Fellows about using latex paint on aircraft. Fellows writes, “If you get a hole in the fabric, simply cut a .

Oct 28,  · Although this is not a latex paint comment, it is related to painting with non-traditional aircraft paint systems. Last weekend I attended the SouthEast Regional Fly In (SERFI) in Evergreen, AL, Nice weather and good turnout. One extremely nice aircraft that got my attention was a Lycoming powered Pietenpol.

Latex Paint for Aircraft. Latex paint has been used on homebuilt aircraft for the past few decades. A quick search on the internet will turn up lots of information on the subject and many of them can be found in the links provided below.