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Yes, I am a hairy woman. I have very white skin and very black hair. My legs and armpits are veritable jungles. I know there are smooth-skinned women who shave very rarely and have fine, blonde body hair. But that's not the case with me, so trying to camouflage .

Sep 15,  · 15 Girls Admit They Don't Shave Here's Why. by Lauren Kearney – on Sep 15, ; It doesn’t seem fair. If, like this woman, a woman feels sexy and confident with hairy arm pits and hair legs, why should she feel bad about it? She has no reason to feel bad at all! 9 Your Body, Your betterbasket.info: Lauren Kearney.

A hairy-pit picture of Julia Roberts from re-emerged on social feeds after Busy Philipps asked Roberts about the now-iconic Hollywood memory on her E! talk show, Busy Tonight. And other celebs like Halsey, Paris Jackson, Scout Willis, and Miley Cyrus have taken to the internet to Author: Gabrielle Kassel.

Apr 10,  · Now let's say she doesn't ever shave her armpits, and women shave their armpits because they want men to find them sexy, right? (Not right.) This couldn't be true for two reasons: 1. I've seen Bee with cleanly shaven underarms before, and 2. Clearly she doesn't need a man's attention because she's already got a man and he put a ring on betterbasket.info: Tiffany Clarke.