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Dec 27,  · I'd rather have a dick in my ass than have you in my heart I'd rather have you out of my life than have you tear it apart It took some time to realize, what I knew from the start I'd rather have a.

Lyrics for top songs by Howling Willie Cunt. Add lyrics. Homosexual Punchbag In a Wheelchair Howling Willie Cunt. Add lyrics. Add lyrics. 5,, Million Ways to Kill Your Baby Howling Willie Cunt. Add lyrics. Add lyrics. I'd Rather Have a Dick In .

Howling Willie Cunt is the country-singing alter ego of The Wildhearts' frontman best way to describe his album 'World of Filth' is that it sounds like what might've happened if Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's Derek & Clive characters had made a country album - so deliberately offensive that it's far too OTT to be taken seriously, despite its dubious tracklisting.

Howling Willie Cunt, releasing World of Filth (). Ginger for many years refused to confirm that he was Howling Willie, instead insisting that this was another person who was signed to Ginger's record label, Round Records. Ginger later admitted that he was in fact Howling Rock.