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Inspired by the sexual success of these ancient love teachings (who wouldn't be?), Cosmo came up with a list of tantric sex positions to tempt, tease, then thoroughly please. Grab your guy and get.

Nov 06,  · A Tantric position by excellence, it has the advantage of facilitating (as well as the “squat” positions) the control of the sexual energy. The man is sitting in the lotus posture (PADMASANA) or a variant of this posture for those who are at the beginning and cannot approach it.

Apr 01,  · The Best Sex Positions for Tantric Sex. Tantra is a type of yoga that focuses on sex. It's ideal for those who are on a spiritual quest, who see sex as something beyond the carnal desir /5(31).

Like with meditation and yoga, which both have similar ancient roots, tantric sex is about the energy within yourself and connecting deeply with another person. Fans of tantric sex believe sex is much more satisfying than regular sex, Interested in exploring hot and sweaty tantric sex? Try these great sex positions for a taste of tantric.